Monday, December 18, 2006

Logging in with an old Blogger account to post a comment on the new Blogger is giving a “please try again later” error. Until we fix this, it may work to log in first at, and then go to the comments page on the new version of Blogger in beta.

Update, 12/18: This was fixed this past Friday.

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Users who have their Internet Explorer security settings set to “High” may have trouble logging in. After sigining in, they see a “Click here to continue” link that does nothing. One workaround is to right-click on this link and choose “Open in a new window.”

Monday, December 04, 2006

Comments posted with Blogger accounts or Google Accounts that have not signed up for the new version of Blogger in beta cannot be deleted by their authors. Update, 12/4: This was fixed some time ago.
Setting a blog's timezone to America/Sao_Paulo may cause errors in the new version of Blogger and on Blog*Spot. This is due to daylight saving time changes that lead to Sundays without midnights in the timezone. Other timezones that have Sunday-at-midnight daylight saving time changes will be similarly affected. Until we fix this, the workaround is to use a different timezone. Update, 12/4: This has been fixed. Please contact Blogger Support if you see any other timezone problems.
Blogs set to not appear on your public profile will not be listed in the Blogger GData metafeed of blogs. This will prevent them from appearing in 3rd party clients that use the new version of Blogger’s GData/Atom 1.0 API. Until this is fixed, you may be able to set your client to post directly to your blog’s “” URL. Update, 12/4: This has been fixed.
Clicking on links in the navbar on Blog*Spot blogs with Internet Explorer 7 will open those links within the navbar. Until we fix this, the workaround is to right-click and open the link in a new window. Update, 12/4: This has been fixed.