Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Clicking on image uploaded through the post editor will show a file download box instead of showing the full-size image in the browser. We are currently working to fix this issue. In the meantime, a workaround is to make two changes to the first URL in the image <a> tag:

Update, 12/4: We pushed a fix for this late last night. Uploaded image click-throughs now work correctly again.

1. Replace "-R" with "-h".
2. Replace the image location folder (preceeding something like "s1600-R") with the folder in the second URL.

Old code:
<a href="http://.../uvkJJAw53aw/s1600-R/PICTURE.JPG">
<img src="http://.../sDRgJ2i-NLo/s320/PICTURE.JPG" /></a>

New Code:
<a href="http://.../sDRgJ2i-NLo/s1600-h/PICTURE.JPG">
<img src="http://.../sDRgJ2i-NLo/s320/PICTURE.JPG"/></a>