Friday, April 27, 2012

We recently sent out an email to all users who still need to migrate their old pre-2007 Blogger accounts (legacy accounts). We've received a few questions about whether this affects any current, active blogs and we wanted to re-iterate that: if you've logged into Blogger at all since 2007, then that account which you've logged in to (and all the blogs on the account) are *not* legacy accounts and no action is needed.

However, if you received the recent email, that means some *other* account is *also* associated with that email address, and it is a legacy account which needs to be updated. All of these unmigrated legacy accounts were created before 2007, so perhaps you've just forgotten about it since it was years ago.

**Update: We've moved the deadline back to June 12, 2012.

Here is a quick FAQ:

> I don't think I have a legacy account, why was I sent the email?
You do have a legacy account, but likely you've forgotten about it since it's been a few years. We sent an email to all legacy accounts, even if there were no blogs associated them. So you may have created a Blogger account a while ago just to leave a comment on another person's blog, and as a result you would get this email about migrating. Some of these blogs date back more than ten years.

> What specific blogs are on my legacy account?
If you can't recall what data is associated with your legacy account, you can request an email which contains that specific information here: Blogger legacy account data request form

> I've forgot my login info and therefore can't use the migration form at Help!
Head over to, enter the same email address which the Legacy Notice email was sent to, and the recovery email will be sent which includes password help.

> Will URLs that aren't claimed be released for claiming?
We have no plans to alter any existing blog URLs or content. Sorry!

> Do I have to migrate? What if I don't care about my old legacy account?
That's fine, you aren't required to do this and none of your existing Google Account data or info will be affected whatsoever.