Monday, September 17, 2012

Custom domain security

Last week we encountered an issue that could affect Blogger users in the process of configuring a custom domain, during the verification of ownership of domains between the provider and Blogger. Blogs with previously configured custom domains were not affected.

Your data and account security are our top priorities. So even though we considered the risk to be low, we posted a message on our known issues blog and user forum and took action to disable changes to custom domain mappings on our backend until the issue had been thoroughly evaluated and mitigated.

The issue has since been resolved. If you have been unsuccessful in mapping to your custom domain during this maintenance, you may do so now. We recommend that you delete your current domain entry and re-enter it again. We will be restoring the ability to purchase a custom domain from Blogger soon.

If you continue to experience difficulty mapping your domain, please visit the Blogger Product Forum for guidance.

Thank you for your patience as we addressed this issue.